#COVIDDiaries My COVID19 Story: I am not invincible

#COVIDDiaries My COVID19 Story: I am not invincible

The Beginning

Yes, I was among the firm believers that the Governments are making out COVID-19 to be far more serious and threatening than it actually is, to spread fear psychosis among people. I am young, youthful and healthy owner of a strong, well-built body. I have been vocal in my protests against face masks being made mandatory in public as I felt it encroached my personal space and freedom. I waltzed around defiantly without a face mask. Yes, I tested positive for COVID-19. I took my health for granted, flouted all precautionary measures and it did not take long for me to fall victim to the invisible enemy floating in the air around us. As a result I contracted the worst symptoms I’ve experienced to this day that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone, not even my worst enemy. My story is to warn you that this COVID-19 is not to be taken lightly no matter how strong you feel. You are not invincible, I am not invincible. We are human beings, sooner or later we all fall down.

The Rise

My name is Aaron, and I am a healthy 27-year-old male with no past history of medical disorders. I am pursuing business administration course and am currently in my final semester. I am a fitness lover and I lose no opportunity to work out every day. Hence it is understandable that I took my good run so far for granted & began thinking I was INVINCIBLE. I thought I was immune to any health disorders because of strong immunity. And I could not have been much farther from facts.

It all started around early March in the United States when the numbers of infected cases were spreading like wildfire. Before that we had heard about isolated instances like the nursing home in Seattle, the synagogue in New Rochelle, New York but community transmission of the virus was yet to make a mark. Naturally people did not pay much heed, they offered their condolences to the deceased, and carried about their business as usual. ‘Sure, I’ll wear a mask but not at the party, I just had my hair done’ ‘I’ll social distance, why not, but after our weekend night out,’ I often thought to myself. Looking back today, there were too many opportunities for me to have opted for precautions prior but I figured I was superior to a virus and would survive the scare. And even in the rare case that I did contract the virus, at worst it would be a 3 day bed rest period with symptoms of a mild flu. So with this prevailing mindset, I went about my life, ventured on long flights to different places and around lots of people. I also went to a beach party in Florida and saw lots of friends before heading back to finish up my last semester of business school. I was not careful. I neglected the necessary precautions. Riding on the wave of good fortune, I became complacent thinking it could never happen to me.

The fact of the matter is – one should never take things for granted.

The Fall

A day after arriving back home, the symptoms started to kick in. First, I woke up feverish chills & fatigued still trying to console myself it was probably just a bad case of the flu.

The next day, I sought a doctor’s appointment to get myself checked. I tested negative for COVID-19 and that was one of the major reasons for me to contract COVID19 ultimately as it strengthened my confidence of immunity to COVID19.  I became more reckless and negligent of precautionary measures. And to no one's surprise my symptoms only continued to worsen. The fever would just not cease at all. I had lost sense of taste. My weight was falling drastically. All this while I had restricted myself to self-quarantine and treating myself with a prescription of cough relief and pain killers.

After waiting seven days in self-quarantine, I finally tested positive for COVID-19. I was supposed to undergo quarantine for at least seven more days. By Day 13, I had stopped my diet of cough relief and pain killer medicines completely at least six days prior. Although some symptoms remained, most of them had disappeared completely. I resumed physical exercise slowly but surely and despite the initial weakness I can now get through an hour's workout without feeling any health drawbacks.

Moral of the Story

Why am I telling you this story?

Because I encourage you to learn from my mistakes. Because I didn’t listen when numbers started climbing. And the numbers are climbing steeply even as we speak. A lot of people are still defying precautionary norms edged on by popular political leaders, thereby risking lives of many others.

I was a healthy young adult till I tested positive but emerging victorious against the battle with COVID-19 has changed me completely, for better or for worse.

COVID19 is no joke and people are still dying around the world from this ailment. If we do not curtail ourselves and isolate the rule breakers, it is just a matter of time before New York City and other densely populated communities in the United States start falling like a pack of cards to COVID19.

It is absolutely necessary To STAY HOME unless it is dire essential to go outside because neither do you want to add to the list of infected people nor do you want to risk yourself if you can avoid it.  We NEED you to STAY HOME because health professionals are our front-line first respondents who are literally leaving no stone upturned to ensure those affected can be revived back to normal.

We need your selfless co-operation to FLATTEN the curve of infection and stop its spread. The sooner we fall into line and play out our roles to perfection, the sooner this self-imposed house arrest can come to an end and the world can once again resume to what it used to be.

My name is Aaron and I am NOT Invincible. I learnt it the hard way, you don’t have to.

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