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Think360s' face covers are sustainable and durable. Our Face Covers are reusable and washable up to 30 times and features SANITIZED™ anti-microbial material protection. All Think360 face covers are woven from soft, organic cotton to provide outstanding comfort and excellent breathability.

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The Premium face cover is the perfect piece to carry with you wherever you go, from your daily commute to work to going out. Think360's face covers are made with Organically Grown Cotton (CU 17908) and its elastic straps are made from latex-free fabrics.

“As far as the the products go...... AMAZING! the sanitizer have an off brand smell of cheap liquor! Instead, the scent was more of a pleasant floral scent. What I really enjoyed about the sanitizer was that after i used it, it left my hands feeling smooth and NOT sticky! Overall, I'm beyond satisfied with my purchase and will definitely be ordering again! Thanx Think360 team”

Adam Berry

Co-Founder of PageFly

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